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    Bob, good one!

    Maybe I could just add that the importance of BRP is often underestimated. If you take World Wide GDP, see what is created at services vs. production and farming, then assume that most of services plus a bit of production is BRP (or should have been BRP!) then you'll end up at around 60% of world wide value creation being in BRP.

    The second part is even more interesting as BRP could be seen as twofold: Value creation (for the customer) and flow-work (to make the workflow happen; meetings, reporting, budgets, hierarchy management..).
    All research I've seen so far points to flow-work in BRPs being between 55 and 75% of the time and resource spend.

    Combine the two and flip them and voila you have a 70% increase in WW GDP lying around untouched, if you only could "automate" the flow-work so as to free it for value-creation. That's about last 30 years of WW GDP growth that.

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