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    Both, my nurse and I use the HIT and EHR in my office. It took time,effort and money,blood,sweat and tears to get the system working. Often I called the program solution help desk,negotiated and talked to kind people there trying to solve problems we encountered using IT.
    Since no human being could predict all kinds of errors in program and problems in primary care doctor's office it's hard to tell that everything is going to be smooth and easy when you start with IT in healthcare but, after 2 years I feel comfortable with everchanging and developing program solution.
    Often, my patients and I together look at the screen searching the web for diet plans, addresses and phone numbers,we look for data in EHR and check the number of pills left...We are on the same side, we are working together...

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    Healthcare Information Technology is one of the hottest areas of technology and IT at the moment, and for now at least its not going to change.

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    technology fails us again!


    Tiny human errors like type errors in doctor's office could as usually have a great impact on patient's life and destiny.
    One touch/one click and the whole file with complete patient's data is lost in cyberspace and it takes hours to restore it.
    IT in healthcare helps professionals to better organize and get data in a glance, but let's be real, we all are still humans aren't we?

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    I appreciate the work of all people who share information with others.

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    Ah days like that are a pain in a rear, I'm glad it got worked out.

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    I am glad everything worked out in the end!

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