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    Pawel Brodzinski

    OK if you put that way I agree. If one lacks experience choosing parts of different methodologies won't be a very wise choice since it'll be rather random work.

    However if you want to set up a company or a team without even a single experienced person, well, I should wish you luck, but I wouldn't bet on you.

    Anyway it's more disussion about team buliding than project management/software development approach.

    Pesonally I'll stay with choosing wisely and carefully whatever bit suits me fine crafting unique methodology each time I enter a new environment.

    Shawn Belling

    Bob, Pawel: I have to agree with Pawel. I have successfully taken some elements of the Agile approach and used them in projects. In so many cases, total adoption of Agile is not possible due to the organization's culture. It is better to be able to take elements that can work and leverage them than to assume an "all-or-nothing" approach.

    I concur that only experienced project managers can pull this off - a new PM without the experience, knowledge and confidence to apply this approach is introducing risk.

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