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    Paul Wallis


    Your point number 7 is key I think. IT needs to enable the business to easily understand how IT is critical to the business.

    I don't have a definition of EA to add but you might be interested in the OBASHI methodology

    which my business partner and I developed during 2001 from techniques used by Oil and Gas engineers.

    OBASHI helps you to model, visualise and understand how and why IT assets support business services.

    EA is just one of its many fields of use.

    Nick Malik

    I wonder why, in your list of EA definitions, you didn't quote Wikipedia?

    Thanks for the plug.

    --- N

    Bob McIlree

    Hi Nick - Good suggestion. Never thought about it since I usually read and quote individual or industry group defs rather than wikipedia. I'll visit there and take a look...


    Louis Rosas-Guyon

    Excellent article! Another problem is that EA has managed to become more complex than necessary. Ultimately EA is meant to serve the business. With so much complexity, the industry has created an environment rife with error.

    Death to Complex EA!

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