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    Sandy Kemsley

    Well, you can do what I did months ago -- remove him from your feed reader. Lots of other great stuff out there to read, without the bullshit.

    James Robertson

    Well, here's the thing: I can express myself without cursing, which you can't seem to manage. That implies that either

    -- your vocabulary is so limited that recourse to cursing is necessary for you
    -- you really haven't advanced much past 7th grade

    I'm not that curious which it is in your particular case, but others might wonder. In the meantime, you might wonder why I classify you in the same bin with people like McGovern - it has something to do with your amazing ability to dismiss things you don't really understand.

    Bob McIlree

    Well, since Sutton's HBS article and book utilize the word "asshole," it can be argued that while the term could be formerly characterized as cursing, it is now a part of the vernacular. The point being: that fact that you ARE one, and not my usage of language, is the issue.

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