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    Adrian Campbell

    Hi Robert,
    I liked your list of factors. They highlight where organisations typically go wrong in establishing their EA teams and I've seen examples of many of them.

    They reminded me of the Anti Patterns book and they could easily be turned into EA anti patterns.

    Adrian Campbell

    Mike Walker

    No problem, it was a great post. The only thing I would like to see more is once you answer those questions, what do you do with them? I am curious to see the additional detail in future posts. :)


    John Wu

    Mike : I am unable to comment your blog. It seams to me that both your E-mail and blog comment do not work properly for me. Is that intended ?

    Amit Unde

    Good list of factors.
    Another factor comes to my mind, which I think, may be deciding factor between success and failure of EA.
    How is EA planned ? Is it a timebound function or continous improvement function ?
    It it attempted as a bing-bang exercise or iterative excercise ?

    Amit Unde ( )

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