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    Mike Walker

    I totally agree with what you are saying here. Adding one more adj. in front of EA just confuses people.

    In enterprises the goal should be to keep it simple. However, talking with other EA's I will like to qualify my approach to EA, such as as "pragamtic" or "real-world". This is describing how I go about EA and not a new definition of what it is.

    Adrian Campbell

    Thre is also a problem with people adding the word 'enterprise' in front of words where it is not appropriate. Many job adverts for instance, add the prefix 'enterprise' to oversell job titles that are clearly only at the project level and not at the corporate/strategic level that the word 'enterprise' implies.

    Andy Blumenthal

    User-centric EA is not just the opposite of "impractical" EA. User-centric EA is a holistic focus on developing useful and usable information products and governance services to the end users in the enterprise. The users in 'traditional' EA have been overlooked far too long. If you've ever seen the incomprehensible shelf-ware from these EA efforts, you will certainly know what I mean. Thanks for mentioning my post. -Andy (usercentric

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