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    Sandy Kemsley

    Looks like I can't exactly retire on the value of my blog :(

    This appears to be purely a multiplier on a site's Technorati ranking, which is based on the number of inbound links from other blogs. Inbound links from other sites is certainly one way of measuring the "value" of a blog, since it means that you're writing something that is deemed valuable enough to someone else that they write something that links back to you. There is a correlation between that and traffic to your site, depending on the popularity of the sites linking to yours. However, it doesn't consider the size and strength of the community of readers -- maybe more closely correlated with number of visitors and level of activity on comments -- which would more directly relate to the potential revenue from the blog.

    In niche areas, like my blog (mostly) about BPM, even a relatively low "value" according to this measure can be valuable to me, since my blog acts as an indirect form of marketing for my consulting services. It's rare that I attend a BPM-themed event now where I don't have several people come up to me and say "I read your blog".

    Bob McIlree

    Sandy - Hard to figure that it's completely based on Technorati data, since some of these blogs have much higher rankings/number of links than I do yet are "worth" far less. Perhaps there's a check & balance to "link farming" and other methods to artificially boost one's links and rank.

    Sandy Kemsley

    There's also an issue of how you calculate the results, for example, you get two different Technorati rankings (and two different "values") for Nick Malik's blog depending on whether you include "default.aspx" at the end of the URL.

    Todd Biske

    I'll have to check out the link and see how these numbers were arrived as I was surprised to be in the Top 5 of your list, albeit middle-class compared to the A-listers. Now if only it could actually be monetized for that amount. :)

    As Sandy suggested, however, the indirect benefits of name recognition through my blogging efforts have been personally rewarding.


    Bob McIlree

    Agreed with both of you on the name recognition...I had a couple of students in my project management class last month that originally found out about me via this blog and signed up for my class...along with others who mention it at client engagements and professional meetings as well.

    Justin Evans

    As you said, something needs to be adjusted with the calculator... for example, if I remove the www from david maister's blog his value jumps from 18k to 372k... (which more accurately reflects his technorati ranking).

    Does it mean that the real value is if you add these together?

    Either way analytics are always a nightmare, especially new ones.

    Sandy Kemsley

    Even worse, if you have another domain redirected to your blog URL, it has its own stats even though they should be summed in. For example, I have redirected to my actual blog URL, but Technorati informs me that they can't combine the stats.

    Bob McIlree

    FWIW, I e-mailed (nicely) the owner/creator of the site and tool and told him what we found, with a pointer to this blog entry. Hopefully he can adjust his analytics properly...we'll see.


    Good to know that with a / that my site is worth more than a down payment on a used car...

    Timothy Johnson

    Cool, Bob... I'm gonna retire from blogging and buy myself a Harley. Mid-Life Crisis... here I come!!! Vroom, vroom!

    Sandy Kemsley

    Since I've just moved my blog to, the value has (temporarily) decreased rather dramatically. Now if I could just get these numbers to translate to *real* money :)

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