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    A comment on your post;

    More and more of us are operating as individual contractors, especially in the tech world.

    And a condition of our engagement is that we have professional indemnity insurance.

    Assume that industry accreditation will reduce premiums as you have some sort of quality assurance process or standard you have to meet such as a membership exam or industry certification.

    This is the most likely way software professionals will end up with (virtually) mandatory accrediation.

    Bob McIlree


    Bad assumption that accreditation will reduce premiums. Software development is viewed as a high-risk activity by insurers, and premiums are priced by risk, not certifications.

    ICs have to carry insurance just like any other business. What's more problematic is that developers employed by businesses as FTEs would have to be covered also - just like all other licensed professionals are.

    The costs of this, given the risk profile and ambiguity/uncertainty of risk in our line of work, would make it very, very expensive.

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