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    Check out the page "How Do You Define Software Architecture?" (

    It is a huge list of definition from different person. They define "software architecture" but like in "enterprise architecture" the key word is architecture.

    One of my favorite from this list is

    "Software Architecture is a way of developing software systems. It facilitates migration from problem space (Requirements) to solution space (Working system)"
    Niraj Trivedi


    Robert, making a collection od definitions of EA is a worthwhile effort.
    Too many deffinitions could mean that nobody knows the real essence of EA.
    I'm interested in finding the true nature of things, relations and ideas.
    I'd love to know what EA really is and what is it's purpose and I will continue to read your posts with great interest.


    A long list of definitions shows that EA's a very complex and integrated process and undergoes changers and improvement. Summing up all the definitions EA is a constant infrastructure and the manner of systems and technical components operations' development based on the logic for business.

    John Wu

    Nice collection. let me add one more.
    EA is the architecture effort with enterprise consideration to overcome the chanllenge of stovepipe. It is essentail to see the whole and know the enterprise. The goal of EA is to encapsulate the complexity of IT and enable agile, simple and cost efficient IT managment. The goal can be achieved by establishing common foundation and building blocks by leaning experience from the others via reusable and predictable patterns. Reference models are the tools to learn from the others. Pleas visit for more detail.

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