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    We have an interesting solution of the problem here in Russia. Students of the high school are not allowed to hand in their reports, papers and synopsis processed, only hand written. At least this is the 'policy' of Helen's Academy. It works.


    Quick access to very many informations online is good in one hand but not in the other. You got to teach people to select and use those informations properly. Otherwise they are lost in cyberspace, confused by browsed data, and cought in stealing other people's intellectual property. Handwrittings seem to some people so "out of date"...But I like letters in handwriting, even official documents look so "special" to me when written by hand. It seems that we lose the touch with our nature and creativity when trying to catch up the fast train of modern science and success.


    I agree with your thoughts about a cut and paste generation Mr. McIlree. Perhaps if instructors today were not so overwhelmed with the number of students they have in each one of their classes they would have more time to instruct and make expectations clear. This includes rules regarding plagiarism, etc.
    Higher student-teacher ratios means less time for directions and the 1:1 interaction you described receiving as a youngster from Ms. Johnson. It is all to common that kids have to try to figure out on their own what they are supposed to do. For the latch key kid, that makes Google very inviting.

    As an educator, I can attest to the prevalence of this "cut and paste" mentality from my own experience. When students reach college, they are often shocked to discover that this type of "paper compilation" is not acceptable. Your daughter is lucky to be getting this lesson early!

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