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    Mike Bohlmann

    A lot of large IT operations are centered around controls and keeping users from negatively impacting their systems by doing things they shouldn't be doing. Web 2.0 reverses that trend by giving users a great deal of power. The benefits of using user-driven systems introduce chaos as seen by the more rigid forms of IT management as typically seen in large organizations. Smaller organizations that usually follow more dynamic IT management philosophies are going to have more willingness to see where these technologies fit into their organizations. However, that doesn't mean these organizations can simple install these user-driven systems and let the users loose. They need their own change management to make sure users put the most value into these systems. The new concepts like wikis, blogs, and such associated with Web 2.0 are only as valuable as the content being provided.

    Sandy Kemsley

    The chasm is definitely there -- corporate IT seems to be pretty freaked out by what might happen if users get their hands on Web 2.0 technologies (namely, that IT becomes even more of a commodity than it is now), so no real surprise that there's still a lot of resistance.

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