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    Sandy Kemsley

    I'm headed for the BPMG conference in London next month, not looking forward to the airport lines at all. I just hope that they've eased off on the carry-on restrictions by then, because I'm not taking my laptop with me if I have to put it in checked luggage.


    News about the new terrorist plot startled people all over the world.You get a clear picture of what's going on in the American and British airports when you read personal impressions.It's evident that securities suspect every bottle of soda. You must be patient as safety restrictions'll be worked out soon and lines won't be that long.Travelling public should appreciate your authorities' care. All the planes and passengers are safe and get to their airport destinations.That's the thing that really matters.


    Solution which could speed up the process of checking people at the gate area would be new design of luggage, clothes and shoes.
    Transparent luggage, clothes and shoes
    (Cinderella's) would help TSA but I wouldn't mention side effects of this revolutionary solution.
    Beverages you should purchase on board and thus help airline company struggle thru the era of high gasoline prices.
    I decided to postpone my trip until I find suitable plasic bags. Invisible clothes isn't a problem whatsoever (The King's New Robe).

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